Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break FUN!!

Fun: When a CA Adv employee gives you two fast passes, good in 10 min for Racers!
Reason: Wearing an Angles shirt.
From now on one of us always wears an Angles shirt the other one a Disney shirt.
A few weeks ago we were given a signed  8 x 10 B/W glossy photo of Buzz & Woody, just because Steve was wearing the "correct" shirt in that store!
                                                      Angles 5K Foundation walk.
It was a great day! When crossing the finish line, our names were announced by Roger Lodge "Steve & Debi Trudeau, who came a long ways for this walk" Little did he know we had to get up at 4am! LOL! We went back to the stadium for the historic press conference about Mike Trout. Fun day, busy week!

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