Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Disney Run weekend

At 4:30am I arrived on the street outside the Disney parking garage with about 1,499 of my "closest" friends. At 5:30am the 5K started. Looking down the street I was only able to see  a sea of people as far as I could see!
 I stopped for a "photo op" with Sara and baby Laney, who Sara was baby sitting while Laney's mom and grandma walk the 10K. After I had a fun walk through California Adventure, Disneyland, some of the back lot of Disneyland, it was time for the  Baby Diaper Dash. The last run event of that day.
                                                  Baby Laney did great!

                                       Sunday was the Half Marathon, go Sara!
 Rose, Adam and Baby "A"(to be named later) all did great. (They even ran the 10K the day before)                        
It was a fun weekend!!
                     Our weekend ended with some family fun time at Disneyland!!

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